Monday, February 7, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian

So, as it seems, the Christopher Street week in Egypt is still going on. When I look at pictures like this, I get an idea why it isn't over yet. "Day of Departure", what was that? Note for freedom fighters around the world: it's always a good idea to occasionally take a stroll to the presidential palace. If you assign a special title to a certain day, make sure that at that day something special happens, else you may look like fools. So far, it's just camping. Has the term "Egypsies" already been coined?

Apart from that, I find myself in lots of work recently, so I'm not too sure how often I find the time to update this blog. I will of course continue to scan blogs for inspiration, not as a hero, but as a silent guardian, a watchful protector ...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girls in Management

No, I'm not talking about managing cooking, cleaning and ironing, this is about the real business management. A study found that in our German corporations there are only very few women in top management positions. OF COURSE this is due to discrimination, there can't be any other explanation, so immediately there was talk about introducing a law that commands corporations to employ a certain quota of females in top positions.
Funny sidenote: When asked about a timeframe for implementation of such a law, our Secretary of Labor (btw, she was an avid supporter of Internet censorship before she switched ministries) said "it should be done in less years than I have fingers on my hand". So it appears she can't even count to five, but argues for women in directorate positions?
Thank God such a law has been widely denounced, as it may attach a stigma to every woman in a leading position, since people might suspect her to be just a "quota woman" that only got the job due to her gender.
Personally, I don't have a problem putting girls on a pedestal, especially if they are strippers. But if they want to get into the inner circles of the board of directors, it may help if they get into golf and play a few rounds with the bosses, just like everybody else.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Conquers the World

And let me make it clear, of course I don't like it.
Latest information I got about them is the following: If you are logged into Facebook and do not log out, and start surfing the web, every page that has the famous "Like" button incorporated will deliver a report of your visit to Facebook. You do not even have to click the button, it's enough if it get loaded, and immediately Facebook has another hint of what pages you visit. And this damn button is spreading like cancer around the web, apart from all the community websites, forums and comment sections that enable you to log in with your Facebook account. Since I got fed up with Facebook long ago and deleted my account (yes, you can actually delete it if you are patient enough), I now use a fake account for comfort. I plan to get famous later in life, and I don't want Mark Zuckerberg to be able to blackmail me then.
Another frightening experience for many occured when they downloaded a Facebook application for Blackberry phones and it immediately, without notifying the owner, contacted EVERYONE in the contact lists of that phone and sent an invitation to become friends on Facebook. I was not among the victims, thank God, I have a lot of contacts in my phone that I don't wnat to talk to, that I just keep in case you absolutely NEED to contact them once again. Again, Facebook behaved like cancer.
I'm sure a lot of people had similar experiences with this social network. Be aware and take precautions. I can't help the feeling that Zuckerberg in his secret volcano lair is planning something evil ...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To cheat or not to cheat - and with whom

A new study on cheating, yay! This one focussed on the sex of the person you cheat with (well, not you, neither me, of course).
It seems that 50 percent of men would forgive their girl if she has an affair with another girl. Effect of millions of lesbian pornos? No, simple reason is that men are concerned about paternity, and if the missus cheats with a girl, there's no chance she could get pregnant and one would end up raising the child of another man. Plus, with another girl around, he might end up getting it on with both of them (sweet dreams).
Only 22 percent would continue a relationship if she gets in bed with another man.
Now for girls, on the other hand, security is first concern (if they get pregnant, it's their child anyway), so they want to be sure that the man won't leave. And this probability raises if the man gets down and dirty with another man, so only 21 percent of girls would forgive a gay affair.
If he screws around with another woman, it's 28 percent that would get over that.
Complex matter. Thank God nobody cheats (except for those that are actually catched).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Cairo factions clash as camels charge through crowds"

This is currently the actual headline of, I think it sounds hilarious. Unfortunately, I turned to watch the live stream a little too late to see the camels. What can be seen are protesters, one faction on the left, one on the right, empty space between them, and they are throwing stones at each other. It looks like some kind of mass tennis without rackets.
The caption just read "Activist via Twitter urges women and children to clear the streets". Wow. Again, I highly doubt that a Twitter message reaches the people on the street, especially with the internet down and all. I read that Twitter now offered phonelines to the people in Egypt, where they can leave a spoken message that will then be tweeted out into the world. So this is working the other way round as well? If I send a tweet adressing the people of Egypt, will Twitter call them all by phone and inform them of my tweet?
Apart from that, it was of course a useful security information. Not everyone might realize the danger for children inmidst violent clashes with flying stones, mass brawls, teargas and shots fired and all this.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Mobile Phones Kill People

So I was on my way home the other night, walking through a park. I was behind an unknown girl, we both came from the subway station and apparently had the same way home. Upon exiting the station, she had taken out her mobile phone and was now talking on it, while I followed her on the dark paths.
She didn't say much, just "Yes" and "uh" from time to time, and it gave me the impression that THERE WAS NO ONE ON THE LINE. That she only took out her phone and pretended to talk to someone to prevent me from raping her. But why would I do that? Yes, she was cute and seemed to have a great body, but it was approx. 20 °F, I'm sure as hell not raping anyone under this freezing conditions! Well, of course, I never rape anyone, but even if I would, I wouldn't. Not if it would be embarassing for me.
But maybe it was just to prevent me from talking to her? There are girls everywhere, constantly talking on their phones or texting or surfing the web and whatnot, or having their headphones plugged in. That creates an additional barrier, preventing men from approaching them, so I dare to say that a lot of romantic encounters are not taking place (including rape). That means, there are children unborn, just due to the fascination and overuse of mobile phones. Guys, this is worse than abortions! With an abortion, at least there was sex before, there was fun. I'm talking real fun here, not playing some stupid games on the phone.
This should stop, at least in the public. I can't help imagining someone travelling back in time. Medieval people see them, a string attached to their ear, suddenly starting to speak to some invisible person. They would sure as hell get burned as witches or locked away as crazy people. And I second that, we should introduce that again!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sad news: Composer John Barry died

One of my all time favorite composers, John Barry, died today. He won Academy Awards en masse, and - more importantly - his music was really good. I know this depends on taste, but his compositions always stroke a chord in my heart. Although best known for the "James Bond Theme", I want to bid him farewell with one of my most beloved tunes, which also seems fitting to this occasion, the main theme of "The Black Hole":
May he find whatever he desires on the other side.